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Exceptional photos make exceptional memories for our customers and our clients.  Let's not forget!

We take photos at Dispatch Automotive Delivery for three reasons and they have to be perfect every time.

Number 1: For legal proof that we delivered the vehicle to the customer and they accepted delivery.  We do that with the "Delivery Photo."  If you are doing a delivery on a reserve then this photo must have some proof of that in the background.  Make your delivery at a band office, community center or gas station with First Nation signage in the background.

Number 2: We must make sure that the customer has acknowledged and signed the contracts and we do that with the "Signing Photo".  This photo includes the vehicle, the customer and the contract with dealership logo fully visible in one photo.

Number 3: Dealership Social media is filled with bad photos.  We aim to take a few extra steps and give our sales teams the option of great photos to post to their social media to drive future sales and keep the deliveries going.

Below are quite a few examples of delivery photos and why they are good or bad.  Please click through and figure out ways to improve your delivery photos.


Click on a photo and scroll through for details.


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